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LAST UPDATED: 10/27/2005 05:20:16 PM

-- How could this be? One of the best players in the world David Beckham is here in the United States and the US media is not going ga-ga over the news. Soccer fans in the USA is pathetic as it gets. I just don't understand the lack of interests. There are few thousands of die hards around the country but nothing compare to other countries. Anyway... Beckham is enjoying his stay in the USA.
- "Owen scores for Madrid in what may be last match ". Click here for more...
- "Real Madrid superstar Ronaldo reiterated his refusal to play in this month’s Confederations Cup. "
- "Real Madrid ace Ronaldo flattered by AC Milan approach"
- "Paris - Uruguay international Diego Forlan's two goals for Villarreal against Levante on Sunday secured his Spanish club a Uefa Champions League qualifying place and helped the former Manchester United striker share the Golden Shoe award with Arsenal's Thierry Henry. "
- "Russia’s team will get a near triple increase in bonus payments if they qualify for next year’s World Cup finals, the Reuters news agency quoted Vitaly Mutko, the country’s soccer chief, as saying on Monday. Mutko, newly-appointed president of the Russian Football Union (RFU), said the players would get $3 million instead of the original $1.2 million bonus for reaching the 32-team tournament in Germany."
- "David Beckham, the world's highest-paid soccer player, will make his playing debut in the New York metropolitan area tomorrow at Giants Stadium, and Sven-Goran Eriksson, his coach with the national team of England, dismissed all second-guessers yesterday by saying that Beckham would remain the captain of the team. "
- "Singing from the same New York song sheet as Frank Sinatra, David Beckham believes that if he can make it here, he can make it anywhere. The Beckham charm machine rolled into the Big Apple yesterday on a whistle-stop tour to promote Brand Beckham, as well as taking in an England match against Colombia tonight."
-Better luck next time Real Madrid wahhhhhhhh - "The Barcelona earned a 1-1 tie with Levante on Saturday to clinch its first La Liga (first division) title since 1999 and its 17th league championship overall. Barcelona leads Real Madrid atop the Spanish standings by six points with two games remaining in the season. Madrid drew 2-2 with Sevilla earlier Saturday, meaning all Barcelona had to do was earn a tie on the road to claim the championship."
- France win beach soccer title - "France won the Beach World Cup today by beating Portugal 1-0 on penalties. Thierry Ottavy scored the only goal in the shoot-out. Alan Cavalcanti missed his chance for Portugal at Rio’s Copacabana Beach. The match ended level at 3-3 in regulation after Portugal rallied with two goals from Nuno Belchior in the final two minutes. Anthony Mendy netted all three goals for France."
- "The world's richest soccer club, Manchester United, is about to become one of the world's most indebted, but failure on the pitch has driven many of the sport's biggest borrowers to financial ruin."
- "Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo is going to the West Bank and Israel next week to participate in an Israeli-Palestinian sports program and tour anti-poverty projects, the U.N. Development Program announced on Tuesday. The Real Madrid striker, who is a goodwill ambassador for UNDP, arrives on May 16 in Ramallah in the Palestinian West Bank, where he will inaugurate a new centre for disadvantaged youth and tour U.N. projects designed to promote sport as a forum of tolerance."
- "Chelsea broke Manchester United's Premier League points record when it beat Alex Ferguson's side 3-1 at Old Trafford yesterday. The English champions notched up its 29th win of the season to lead the standings on 94 points with one match to go. United set the previous record of 92 in the 1993-94 season."
- "Just like in real soccer, the Germans seem to play a superior brand of robot dog soccer to the American teams on the pitch."
- "RIO DE JANEIRO: Spain became the first team to qualify for the quarter-finals at the inaugural FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup on Monday, thrashing Thailand 4-1. Ramiro Figueiras and David Coprdon scored two goals apiece for Spain while Anupong Polasak scored Thailand's only goal. The second consecutive defeat in Group"
- "Around 450 soccer players representing 15 Catholic dioceses across New South Wales have gathered in Armidale for the NSW Diocesan Soccer Championships."
- "Japan is asking China for tight security at a soccer match Wednesday featuring clubs from both countries following violent anti-Japanese protests last month in several Chinese cities."
- April headlines has been archived under the Archives link above.
- 25 million dollars A YEAR!!!!! - "Real Madrid's David Beckham is the best paid soccer player in the world, according to a survey published in France Football magazine yesterday. With 25 ($NZ44.80) million euros a year, England captain Beckham tops the table ahead of Real Madrid team mates Ronaldo, who earns 19.6 million euros a year, and Zinedine Zidane, on 13 million. "
- "The Canadian Soccer Association has revealed that Vancouver and Victoria will be among the four cities that will join Toronto and Edmonton as hosts of the 2007 FIFA World Youth Championship. Montreal and Ottawa will also stage games at the under-20 championship, a soccer tournament second in size and scope only to the World Cup. "
- It's LIVERPOOL - Jamie Carragher, one of two Liverpool players born in the city, was greeted with the loudest cheers before helping his team beat Chelsea to reach the final of Europe's top soccer competition for the first time in 20 years.
- "Violent fans will be banned from attending sporting events for up to 10 years under new laws introduced by the State Government to curb expressions of "ancient ethnic hatreds". The laws were recommended by an inquiry into soccer violence that yesterday castigated Soccer NSW for failing to administer its own rules for preventing inflammatory behaviour by fans."
- "World Cup organizers have renewed their warning to soccer fans not to buy tickets on eBay, saying they risk not getting into stadiums. Tickets for the 2006 World Cup in Germany have appeared for sale on the eBay website just a few days after organizers distributed the first batch made available to fans around the world. "We can only warn against picking up these offers because each fan that gets a ticket in this way has to take into account that he may not get into the stadium," said Horst Schmidt, organizing committee vice-president." - Hey If I paid for it, I can do whatever I want with my tickets. What if I gave the tickets to my nephews and nieces or to my friend if I cannot attend the games. I bet it is more politics than anything else. I bet it is about EBAY how the EU is trying to stifle competition, or even envy of the power of Ebay since it is American owned company, same thing what EU is doing to Microsoft and Boeing.
- "Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced the release of EA SPORTS BIGÔ NBA STREET Showdown and EA SPORTSÔ FIFA Soccer for the PSPÔ handheld entertainment system. Now, right in the palm of their hands, players can experience the spectacular graphics, new game modes, and Wi-Fi multiplayer of both renowned EA franchises."
- "There were lit flares, provocative flags and bottles thrown but the crowd violence that threatened didn't erupt at a local soccer match involving teams with ethnically-opposed support bases. Police acted quickly to defuse the volatile Anzac Day clash between NSW rivals Sydney Olympic and Bankstown City at Kogarah. "
- "Police around England will target drunk and disruptive soccer fans behaving offensively on public transport this weekend. Around 500 police will monitor 11 games, including four in the Premier League. Offenders could be prevented from attending games."
- "The German soccer federation announced plans Thursday to set up its own bookmaking operation and banned all betting on games by players, coaches, officials and referees in the wake of the country's match-fixing scandal. "
- "Gone are the days when Asia was looked down upon by her European cousins, and going are the times when players from the world's biggest continent were cynically signed for marketing and merchandising reasons. The 2002 World Cup and the performances of Japan and South Korea formed the catalyst for this shift in thinking, and now many top leagues have Asian stars."
- "Soccer Coach Accused Of Molesting Teen Player Man Arrested Without Incident"
- Around 110000 visited the video of Jean Carlos last week alone so my host shutdown my site. They said my site was using so much resources on their shared server. They want me to upgrade to a dedicated server which will cost my $89.00 per month. This site is for fun so no way I will pay $89.00 per month. I just want to inform the soccer fans around the world about the latest news in soccer. Anyway, they had to rename the video in order to bring back my site online.
- I know this is not related to soccer but you got to check this new superfast superhigh roller coaster - a record-breaking height of 420-feet and record-breaking speed of 120 mph, Top Thrill Dragster.

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